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......@@ -78,19 +78,23 @@ Cerberus admin will be published under the GPLv3 License. It is based on the fol
\item tests: jasmine/karma/protractor
You must push, on a regular basis, using atomic commits, on the following Git repository: \href{https://gitlab.patrick.quaidesapps.com/shared/cerberus-admin}{https://gitlab.patrick.quaidesapps.com/shared/cerberus-admin} (if you have not write access to this repository, please contact us).
You must put any configuration needed by Cerberus admin into a dedicated configuration file, JSON based.
In this first version of Cerberus admin, we do not need an authentication mechanism to prevent access to Cerberus admin: it is meant to run inside a private network. We may add authentication in a future release.
Cerberus admin is expected to support the last stable versions of firefox and chrome/chromium (at least firefox ESR and chrome/chromium 63).
Cerberus admin must be fully tested with:
Cerberus admin \textbf{must} be fully tested with:
\item Unit tests
\item End to end tests
Cerberus admin must be developped using \href{https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Test-driven_development}{Test Driven Development} principle. You can provide us blueprints for pages and navigation before any development if you prefer.
All requests and responses of cerberus API are JSON formatted.
Cerberus admin must provide: